How to Create Content that Builds Brand Recognition

Updated: May 6

Creating content for your business that visually represents your brand every time can be challenging. When I first started my business, I changed up the fonts and colors I was using all the time. I thought everything needed to look fresh and new every time I posted something.

Fresh and new is good, but keeping your content consistent with your brand's color palette, fonts, and logos is what actually builds brand recognition. Branding builds a visual representation of who your brand is. Having a logo gives your audience something to remember you by. Having a color scheme you stick to makes the logo and your entire brand easier for people to remember. When you stick to your color scheme, fonts, and use your logo regularly it "brands" your business into the minds of your audience. If you want your business to be remembered, you need memorable branding, plain and simple.

Once you have a logo and branding, how do you create content that makes people remember you? First, having a branding board will tie everything together. A branding board should include your main logo, a color palette, alternate logos, submarks, fonts, and photos that represent your brands style. I'll include a few examples of branding projects I've worked on for clients recently.

Having a branding board has many perks. For instance, if you're working with a designer, being able to send them a branding board and all your logo files allows them to create content that exactly matches your brand.

I get asked a lot what apps or programs I use to create content that stays on brand. A huge resource I would recommend is Canva. This website has templates for social media posts, invoices, posters, flyers, business cards... the list goes on and on. They have a free version or a paid version that unlocks so many more design tools. Click here to get your first month free!

I would highly recommend the paid version. It's worth the price and plus, it's a write off for your business! One of the biggest reasons I love the paid version, is that they allow you to add your brand's colors in the brand kit section. This allows me to open a template and swap out the colors for my brand's colors. After I change the fonts to represent my brand and add my logo, it instantly represents my brand! Below is a screenshot of what it looks like to change out your brand's colors:

Here's a screenshot with the color section closed so you can see the original template I used for this design. I swapped out the color background for a photo. The paid version also gives you access to an entire library of gorgeous photos you can use for all your designs. You'll see the template on the left and how I tweaked the design on the right:

They also have a quick resizing feature, that lets you swap out the size of your design for other platforms like Instagram Stories, Pinterest Posts, Youtube Covers, and so many more!

Here's what that same template looks like in the Instagram Story size. All I had to do was extend the picture behind it and make the font a little bigger.

Canva truly makes designing content for your business so much faster and easier. If you're ready to dive into Canva and start designing content for your business, you've got nothing to lose! Click here to get your first month in Canva for free!

Happy designing!

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