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3 Key Benefits to Having a Professional Email Signature & How to Set it Up

We've all gotten emails that look like spam. Sometimes it's hard to figure out if they're from a reliable source. Have you ever wondered if the emails you're sending are causing people to think the same thing?

With all the scams that are going around these days, it's so important for our potential clients and customers to trust us and our brand. So how can we build trust and increase brand awareness just through the emails we send? For the last year, I've been using a program that helps me do just that!

In this blog post, I'll be sharing 5 key benefits to having a professional email signature and how to set it up. Here's what I'll cover:

  • How to build trust and increase brand awareness with your email signature

  • How to boost your following and website views with your email signature

  • How to grow your email list with your email signature

  • How to set up a professional email signature that works on your phone and computer

If you've seen an email signature that looks fancy and you've wondered how in the world someone even sets all that up, you're about to learn all that and more!

Building Trust & Increasing Brand Awareness

Anytime I'm emailing someone I don't know, I always wish I could at least see what they look like. It feels weird to be chatting with someone and not be able to see them face to face. This is why I include a photo of myself, as well as my logo in my email signature. As a small, fairly new business, your logo may not be a household name... yet ;). While you're growing, it's helpful to include a photo in your email signature, that way the person you're emailing has a better chance of trusting you. Adding your logo connects your face with the brand, increasing trust, as well as brand awareness.

Boosting Your Following and Website Views

So you've got your name, photo, and logo in your email signature, how can we take this a step further? Did you know, according to Verisign Blog, 84% of U.S. consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page? Increase your website views and establish credibility by linking your website to your email signature. We all love to see what others are up to on social media, as well as browse what businesses post if we're thinking about buying from them or utilizing their service. Make it easier for them to find you on social media by linking the accounts you actively post on, in your email signature. There's no need to link every single social media account you have, just link the ones you post on consistently.

Bonus Tip:

  • Should I set up profiles on every social media platform for my business?

YES, but you don't need to be active on every single one. People should be able to find you no matter what platform they're on. For example, I don’t consistently post on TikTok, but I created an account for my business. This allows people on TikTok to find me there, and get access to the other platforms I am posting actively on. Start by posting consistently on one platform, then add another or hire a social media manager to create content and post for you on the platforms you don’t necessarily enjoy posting on.

Growing Your Email List

Offering free information in exchange for an email address is an incredible way to grow your email list. This is called a 'lead magnet'. Linking your lead magnet, in your email signature is a great way to provide immense value, as well as snag a few new email subscribers. If you need some more ideas, of what type of information you'll provide them, click here for a full overview on creating your own lead magnet.

How to Set Up Your Professional Email Signature

First you'll want to create an account on Wise Stamp. Next, choose your new email signature's template style. They have so many to choose from! Here's a photo of the one I'm using currently:

Once you choose your template, fill out your information, then simply add it to all your devices!

Remember: While you're setting this up make sure to use the Google Chrome browser.

If you're ready to start building trust, increasing brand awareness, gaining more website views, and growing your email list, this is the next best step. After I implemented this new email signature, my website views started going up, my following started increasing, and my email list started to grow. Of course there's so many more things you can being doing for your business, but this is one small piece of the puzzle that can make a big impact. Click here to get started.

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