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How to Find Your Target Audience (Interview with Sue Mohr)

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

I sat down with Certified Business Coach Sue Mohr for a Q&A session on finding your target audience. The word 'Target Audience' is a big buzz word right now, but what does it mean? Understanding who your target audience is, simply allows you to know who you're marketing to and where those marketing efforts should be best spent. This women is a BRAIN. Sue has been my business coach for the last 2 years and has helped me grow, scale, and manage my business. Once you get laser focused on who your target audience is, you will enjoy yourself more. It's not about being everywhere, it's about being in the RIGHT places, so that you attract the RIGHT people.

Q: Why should I care who my target audience is?

A: "When you understand who your target market is, you'll know where and how to market to them. It's all part of the discovery process. Without this in place, you can flounder, leaving you wondering why your marketing isn't bringing in the customers or clients you really want."

Q: How do I know who my target audience is?

A: "The very first thing to start with is finding out who they really are and where they hang out. Ask yourself, "What's in their pockets?" The core of your target audience will generally land within a 20 year span. For example, if your target audience is 40 to 60 years old, 10% of your audience will be 2-39, 10% will be 61-99, and 80% will be in that 20 year span of 40 - 60 years old. You want to market to the 80%. Start by asking yourself, "What's in their pockets?" If they're 40-60 yrs old they're most likely going to have car keys, house keys, a credit card, a cell phone, and they may even have pictures of their grandchildren. They may have the phone number of their investment company. These people still believe a bit that it's wise to have a bit of cash on you, so they may have a couple 20s in their pockets. They may have a coffee receipt, a gift card to a restaurant, maybe they even have dog treats in their pocket. Once you think about this, you'll really be able to brainstorm where they hang out. If you don't know who they are and where they hang out, you won't know where to market to them so they find you!

"When I ask someone, "Who's your target audience?" and they say, "Oh Sue! 2-92!" this is when I know I can help this client laser-focus for success!" -Sue Mohr

*Note: Other terms used to describe target audience are ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar), Target Market, Target Audience.

Q: What's the difference in your Ideal Customer Avatar and Target Audience?

A: "Your Ideal Customer Avatar is someone you wake up in the morning and you can't wait to work with them! You like everything about them, whether it's how driven they are, how much they love to read, how much they love their pet, or how much they love to spend time learning. Narrow down what type of person you genuinely love working with.

Q: Once you know your target audience, how do you go about marketing to them?

A: "People want to be seen and heard - so I love putting out blind research. Ask questions like, "What do you need?", "What have been your biggest barriers getting a website up and going?", "What's your biggest struggle marketing on social media?". Ask them what they need, listen to their answers and they'll tell you where to find them."

Q: Why should I work with a business coach?

A: "I don't believe we were created to create alone. There's many projects you can DIY. Let's say you made a table and you loved that table. It was a little crooked on the side, but you did it yourself. Sometimes when you're trying to have forward movement and you do it yourself, you can do yourself in. You might be eating at that table and it's okay for you to sit and eat breakfast at it or watch the birds, but if you brought someone else in to help you build the table, make it sturdy, make sure it will support a crowd, that table will be a great place to hang. So, if you want to have a business and have forward movement, there are always barriers you can't see beyond. I'm a coach that has a coach. I believe in what I do and it would be silly if I built my business without one. A coach helps to move away the barriers and save you time, money, and save you frustration as you're breaking through from the inside out."

"There are things we love to do and things that we don't like to do. Wisdom is hiring someone for the things we don't like to do. Knowing what your strengths are and focusing on those while hiring out people who have strengths you don't, creates a stronger team for you and your business." -Sue Mohr

Sue has been a client of mine as well as a mentor. It's been a blessing getting to brainstorm, share my ideas, and then listen to her advice as to where I need to focus my efforts. She's helped me grow personally as well as in my business! I couldn't do it without her! If you're looking for some guidance in your business, I would highly recommend her! Click on this link to visit her website.

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