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5 Benefits to Having Professional Photos for Your Business

Updated: Mar 5

Representing what you do in a compelling way can seem daunting. Sometimes it feels like just another thing to add to the to do list. Believe me, I’ve been there. I do my best to take pictures while I’m working, but usually I’m so busy throughout the day I forget. Every business needs professional photos, but where do I start? What type of photos will I need to capture and where should I use the photos once I have them? It’s simpler than you think, let’s dive in!

Why are Professional Photos Important for Business?

1. Improve Your First Impression

Blurry and unprofessional photos communicate a message, just like professional high resolution photos do. Photos included on your website, social media posts, and in advertisements are important when it comes to making a first impression. I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking through a menu at a restaurant, the photos of the sweet deserts or fun summer cocktails are what catch my eye first. They spark my curiosity and get me excited to try something new. Sparking curiosity is the first phase someone goes through before they’re ready to buy into what you have to offer. Your brand’s first impression should cause new eyes to want to see more of what you have to offer!

2. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

We all have competitors, some more than others, but what if you could differentiate yourself from your competitors? Having high quality images of your product or service does exactly that. Not to mention, if you’re consistently putting out content that showcases what you do in a compelling way, it’s simply a matter of time until they need what you have to offer. Filling your website and social media with high quality images increases the chances of making the sale or closing the deal.

3. Tell YOUR Story in a Compelling Way

Your story is more than just your companies history. Your story showcases what you have to offer and why you’re passionate about offering it. If you want to make a connection quickly, make sure to use photos of you within your website and social media. Many brands use familiar faces to establish a strong brand-consumer relationship. It’s true we connect with and trust brands with a face more than we do a faceless brand.

4. Build Trust and Credibility

One way large brands build trust fast is by utilizing photos of happy customers using their products. We watch videos of people unboxing new products or trying new foods online and when they seems happy and excited it makes us want to try it! Why? Because we want to experience that joy and excitement too.

5. Set the Tone and Create a Mood

Imagine selling a house without having any photos of the house, it would be pretty difficult. High quality images of food helps us imagine tasting it. High quality images of fancy houses makes us imagine living a life of luxury. We light candles and turn on music to set the mood. Using high quality images of our products and service does for our brand what candles and music do for a room.

For the last couple years I’ve been dabbling in photography. I knew learning this skill would help my clients in so many ways. Here are a few website builds I’ve completed recently that include professional photography, by yours truly ;) If you're looking to have professional photos taken for your business I'm happy to help or connect you with a photographer that can fly directly to you!


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