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How to Create Business Cards in 4 Simple Steps

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Creating business cards can be an overwhelming task, even if you are creative! If you’re not, it can feel like an even more daunting task. I say this to say, it's okay if it seems like just another thing to learn or do, but that's why I wrote this post. In this post, I'm going to cover where you can design your cards (with templates!), how to design them, and how to make this process much simpler and fun. Let's dive in!

  • Step 1: How to plan what info will go on your card

  • Step 2: Which platform you want to design them on

  • Step 3: How to get started in the designing process

  • Step 4: How to download your files and order them!

Step 1: Planning the Design (aka Wireframes)

Getting started can sometimes feel like the most overwhelming task. If you’re thinking, where do I start? You’re going to love this first step! We’re going to start with the basics. Grab a pencil and a piece of copy paper. I personally like a completely blank canvas, but if you’re less creative or very detail oriented, grab a piece of notebook paper to keep your lines straighter. *Avoid using a ruler, as this first step doesn’t need to be perfect. This is just to get your ideas out. Think about who you’re going to be handing these to and what information you want them to have when you hand them your card. Before you sketch the business card, list out all the information you want on your card.

  • Business Name/Logo

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Slogan

  • *Bonus points for adding a picture of yourself!

Business cards get thrown away, but I’ve found when a business card has a photo of the business owner I tend to remember that business much more! I won’t bore you with my obsession of psychology and why we remember faces more, but I know you get the point ;)

Here’s an example of my business card sketch:

wireframe of business card

Step 2: Choose a Platform to Design Them In

So you’ve got your sketch, now it’s time to put that into action! *If you skipped step one and just want to use a business card template we’ll cover that as well. I personally use Canva to design my business cards. I’ve designed business cards with Illustrator, but I always go back to Canva because they have so many incredible templates and ideas to pull from. Plus, if you’re not in the design industry, Canva is a much better investment.

Once you create your Canva account, click "Create a Design" then search "Business Cards". You'll get a few different options as to sizing, but for the sake of this blog post we're going to keep it simple and click "Business Card".