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Creating a Peaceful Home Office Space

Updated: Jun 3

Most days you can find me at home in my office working on client projects, painting, or writing. It hasn’t always been this way though. I’ve worked remotely for over 6 years, I remember in the beginning I would sneak away to local coffee shops, conveniently avoiding my mess at home. I knew I needed to make a change, but I had no idea where to start. It's taken a lot of tweaking over the years, but I'm excited to share a behind the scenes look into my office and what has made it work so well.

In this blog post I'm sharing a variety of items, to make it easier to navigate I've separated everything into sections. Either read from start to finish or click a topic that sparks your interest:

Gear for the Tech Entrepreneur

Working at a desk for long periods of time can surprisingly take a tole on your body. A couple years ago, I started to get terrible cramps in my pinky, from using the trackpad on my laptop for too long. After a while it made just moving that finger very difficult. I also started having a lot of neck pain from staring down at my laptop. A wellness coach that also specialized in chiropractic care, recommended I get a stand for my laptop that would raise it up to my eye level. This finally relieved the neck pain. I also decided to get a bluetooth mouse and this has since reversed the cramps in my finger. If you set your computer on a stand or even a shoebox, make sure you have a bluetooth keyboard so you don't strain your shoulders.

In the early stages of my business, I had a terrible habit of sleeping in late. I've always loved podcasts, so I decided to get a little radio alarm clock that would wake me up to my favorite morning talk show. This has made waking up in the morning a lot easier.

To join the early riser's club, I knew I had to start going to bed earlier. Some nights it's hard to shut my brain off though. To make this process more doable I purchased plugs for my lights that would connect through bluetooth and shut off at designated times. When the lights shut off at 10:45pm it reminds me to start shifting into my night time routine. Before I go to bed I like to listen to a podcast, wash my face, and let the dog out. Giving yourself time to wind down at night makes falling asleep much easier.

Setting specific work hours has really helped me avoid burn out and surprisingly, increased my income. It feels tacky to talk about money, but this seems worth sharing. After setting specific hours and working those hours consistently, I'm making more and I'm working less, but the difference is that the time I spend working now is much more intentional and focused work.

White Office Chair (one of my favs!)

Upgrading my office chair was probably the most exciting purchase! Not only was it more comfortable, it has helped relieve my back/neck pain and made me want to stay at my desk ten times longer. I remember the night I got it. I called my boyfriend and said, "You've gotta come over and try out my new chair!!" He laughed, but when he sat in it, he realized why I was so excited. Just in case you're wondering where I got the desk from, it came from Wayfair. I'll link that here. (It comes in white, black, or a wood finish.)

Organization and Productivity

When it comes to staying on task, I'm the queen of jumping from new idea to new idea. There's nothing worse than chasing the excitement of new idea after new idea and ending the day feeling like nothing got done. I've never been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, but I can always relate to stories I hear from people who do have it. My business coach taught me a strategy that always keeps me on task, it's called The Kanban Method. It was developed by Taiichi Ohno an Industrial Engineer and Businessman for Toyota Automotive, in Japan. I won't go into too much detail here, but if you want to learn about it read: The List Strategy to Getting More Done (Kanban Method).

I created the print out below using Canva, I use this daily to help me stay on task.

*Note: If you run your business mostly from your phone, you can track tasks very easily through the notes app.

*Caption located in this post.

Organizing the Back End of Your Business with Folders

Staying on task is easier, if you're good at prioritizing. When there's a lot of different tasks it can be hard to keep up with. One way I've learned to stay organized, is to separate my business into sections using the airplane method. I learned this in Donald Miller's book, Business Made Simple. Thinking about your business like an airplane, makes something that might seem complicated, much simpler. I won't get into the strategy, but I would highly recommend this book. Understanding the fives parts of a healthy business, allows you to never experience a crash.

In terms of using this to organize, I decided to set up folders for each section of my business. Instead of instantly jumping on a new idea, I write it down, put it in the designated folder and come back to it when I've scheduled time to work on that section of the business. I've also developed a system for tracking write offs as well. I don't do this on paper, but it can be done with a very basic skill level in excel. Although, I'm not a certified CPA, I have had 2 different CPA's look over the process and they said it passed with flying colors!

Office Storage Shelf

I needed a little more storage for folders, books, business cards, a printer, and things to mail. I searched and searched for a shelving unit that would work well in my small space. It took about 3 or 4 months to find one that was the right size and style. I would look on Amazon at different pieces, measure, and sketch out how I would utilize it. This one in particular, is just the right fit. I'll link it for you here or there's this one that's the same thing but cheaper. I'm not sure how long this one will stay on Amazon though.

It also looks beautiful in the morning sunlight! Lately, I've been a little obsessed with the beauty in shadows and light poking through. The artist in me couldn't resist taking this picture.

Must Have Office Supplies

My Favorite Planner

I always get asked what planner I use or if there's one that I recommend. Lately, I've been using my iCloud calendar on my phone, but when I sit down with my paper calendar it definitely feels much more inspiring. My favorite paper planner is called The Passion Planner. (Use code ABIGAIL984 for 10% your order!) They even have an online version you can open with your iPad and use your Apple Pencil to write in it. Next year, I may go that route just to see if I like it better, but I'm mainly a pen and paper gal.


There's nothing I love more than the pen and paper isle! If I was known for getting excited after purchasing something, it would have to be office supplies. The feeling of a new notebook and new pens always inspires me. It reminds me, if you can visualize it, you can do it. My best friend got me hooked on these Sharpie 0.7 Gel Pens. They glide across the page like butter. If we've ever been in a meeting together, chances are I've made you try it and given you one of mine.


The Stabilo Highlighters I use in my Passion Planner, have much cuter colors than the normal neon highlighters.


Notebooks, sticky notes, and clipboards can all be found at the dollar tree for much less than it costs anywhere else. Spend smarter!

Making it Peaceful and Inspiring

Creating a space that's organized and peaceful can really maximize your productivity. There's so many Spotify playlists you can find or you can create your own playlists. I have playlists I've created depending on the mood I'm in. Some days peaceful lo-fi tunes are my go to, other days I have Metallica turned up all that way. I love so many different styles of music as well as different styles of podcasts. (Always open to new Podcast suggestions!) Figure out what helps you stay focused, motivated, or inspired and play it on a bluetooth speaker while you work. You'll be surprised at how big of a difference 'setting the mood' really makes. This Bose Bluetooth speaker was a birthday gift from my sweet Mama almost 5 years ago and it's still my favorite gift I've ever received. I even take it in the bathroom and play music while I take a shower. It's lasted forever and can be turned up very loud! (Sorry, neighbors! lol)

Last, but certainly not least, plants and candles! My apartment is full of plants and I love candles and incense. These along with a string of white lights can really make the room feel more comfortable and peaceful.

Another addition to a great office space is inspiration. Have you ever created a dream board? It's where you put pictures for inspiration of all the things you hope to do, buy, and/or accomplish. I created my dream board using Canva and also wrote out some questions that help me start my day right. I use a magnetic white board and magnetic clips to display this in my office space. You may have noticed that gorgeous car as my background photo in the laptop pictures at the top of this post. That car is one I've dreamt of owning for years. Use your desktop or phone wallpaper as a place to drum up extra motivation.

That's all for now! If you decide to tweak your office space and want to share pictures, I'd love to see them. Send them to me on Instagram or use the hashtag 'createandcollab' in your post. Cheers to creating a work space you can enjoy!

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