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Change Your Patterns, Change Your Destiny

Updated: Apr 3

Episode 3 - Small Business Podcast

Have you felt derailed by self-limiting patterns and self-defeating habits in both life and business? Join Sue, (the coach) and Abigail (the web designer) as they discuss ways to recognize, uncover, replace, transform, and bring productive change to your personal and business life. *Episode produced by Keith Mohr

Today's Question from the Audience

"How do I identify who my target customer is?"

On todays episode we talk about what it looks like to narrow down who your target customer is. This is something a lot of people don't think about, but it's the key to creating your marketing strategy, coming up with new product/service ideas, and learning how to market your business. Sue and I actually brainstormed this together and wrote a blog post on this. If you prefer reading verses listening you can check out the our post here: How to Find Your Target Audience.

Hacks, Tips, Tricks, and Gadgets

If you're the type of person who reheats their coffee throughout the day you're going to love this one! Sue found a travel size, collapsible, electric kettle that she puts her coffee in that she can turn on to reheat her coffee, instead of constantly running back to the microwave to heat it up. She is the queen of gadgets for sure!

Featured on Today's Episode

Susie Miles, Smiles Media Works


Our resource for this episode comes in 3 parts. We talk about 3 Course Platforms that will help you Learn and Grow in your Career Business!

Small Business Podcast


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