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Building the foundation of your brand by yourself can be a daunting process, not to mention extremely time consuming. Our mission is to bring your vision to life through logo design, branding, web design, and small business marketing. Building the foundation of your brand gives your idea the wings it needs to take flight!

Logo Design

Having a logo and branding you can use consistently throughout your marketing helps people remember and recognize your business. So many of us, myself included, buy certain products because of the brand name. Providing a service or product that solves a problem in an honest and trustworthy way creates brand loyalty. This increases word of mouth referrals and helps you grow your business. Using  your logo throughout your website, social media, and marketing materials continues to grow brand awareness. This gives your brand the ability to one day become a household name!


What's the difference in logo design and branding? Logo design is simply one piece of the puzzle. Your logo is the main element of your branding. A full branding package includes a main logo, alternate logos, submarks, and a color palette. Alternate logos and submarks are other branding elements that still represent your company, but allow you to have variety of ways to represent your company. I like to use submarks in the corner of pictures or quotes that align with my brand. This continues to build brand recognition in a more subtle way than always using the main logo. Using your brand's color palette and fonts throughout your marketing material helps keep things consistent which helps people remember and recognize your business.