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Unique Ways to Set & Keep Goals

Updated: Apr 3

Episode 11 - Small Business Podcast

Setting goals is easy, keeping them can be difficult! Sue and I decided to record an entire episode dedicated to tips and tools for setting and keeping your goals! Join us in this episode as we help you start your new chapter, effectively!

(2:20) Question from the Audience

Today's question is, Help! I set goals but I can't keep them! What do I do? First, if you're feeling this, know that you're not alone. Sue and I dive right into how to break your goal down to make it easier to accomplish!

(4:16) Hacks, Tips, Tricks, and Gadgets

Today's tip will help you in the process of setting your goal!

(6:28) How to Make Your Business Better

The bulk of this episode is all about the cold hard reality about setting goals. The feelings of failure, the feelings of success, and how to really get serious, realistic, and simple about your goals! We can't wait to hear how this episode helps you ROCK your 2023!

(31:37) Resource

Today's resource is so special to us!!! Sue has been working on something for YEARS and it just now came out, take a listen to find out about this special resource! :)

Small Business Podcast


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