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4 Key Elements to Starting a Business

Updated: Apr 3

Episode 9 - Small Business Podcast

Starting a business has more to do than just producing a product or a service. There are questions that need to be answered before you even draw that logo. Join Sue, (the coach) and Abigail (the web designer) as they discuss 4 key elements to starting a business. Subscribe for answers and discoveries about all things business, all things web, and lots of things life. *episode produced by Keith Mohr

(2:43) Question from the Audience

Today's question is, How much does it cost to start a business? Sue shares what the start up cost looks like for different types of businesses according to The US Small Business Administration.

(7:50) Hacks, Tips, Tricks, and Gadgets

If you know you'll need contracts/agreements for your business, today's tip is Rocket Lawyer. This website offers different templates for agreements that you can use, as well as an on call attorney that you can reach out to for help!

(10:15) How to Make Your Business Better

So many people ask both of us how we started our business. We talk about our backgrounds and dive into some of the specific aspects to getting your business off the ground!

(47:56) Featured on Today's Episode

Charlene Jones owns Serendipity Studios. She makes window treatments for home owners and interior designers. You can reach her at 615-445-5230 or email at

(48:37) Resource

Today's resource is my all time favorite book. It's called Contagious, Why Things Catch On. It's all about the psychology behind marketing and why certain ideas and businesses catch on. If you're looking for new ways to grow your business, I would highly recommend this book!

Small Business Podcast

Small Business Podcast


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