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Is Life Work Balance Possible?

Updated: Apr 3

Episode 2 - Small Business Podcast

Have you struggled with the issue of balance? Finding yourself on a never-stopping crazy train? Join Sue, (the coach) and Abigail (the web designer) as they discuss their own struggles, along with tools and keys they’ve uncovered along the way to bring life and work into optimal balance. *Episode produced by Keith Mohr

Question from the Audience

"I'm finding myself having more remote meetings than ever before, what is the best resource to use for these meetings?" Sue shares a hilarious story about something that happened during a zoom call with a client (no names of course!), but this story will crack you up! We move into the top 3 options to use for remote meetings. We share some of the features they offer as well as which ones are our favorite!

Hacks, Tips, Tricks & Gadget

Utilizing the Notes on Your Phone to Stay Organized

I'm a little obsessed with keeping track of things through the notes app on my phone. We used this section to talk about how to utilize your phone notes to stay organized both in life and in business!

How to Make Your Business Better

Is Life - Work Balance Possible?

A friend of mine reached out and asked us to cover this question: "How do I find balance? Being a business owner and homeschooling has given me a run for my money. I need to learn how to prioritize my time better, where can I start?" Sue shared that it's possible, but reminds us to remember that there's no perfect work life balance. What works for some, may not work for others. We all have to find our own balance! I shared what's helped me with work life balance and Sue share's what's helped her as well. If creating balance is something you've struggled with, you'll love this episode! Just remember, progress over perfection. Focus on the little wins!

Featured on Today's Episode

Artist and Designer, Janelle Martinez Cruz–Froggie Flor


We discussed a website called that has tips for mac users and shared a pdf with some keyboard shortcuts that you can use to work smarter, not harder!

Small Business Podcast

Small Business Podcast

Small Business Podcast


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