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How Do I Drive Traffic to My Website? (Featuring Grayson Robinson)

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Driving traffic to your website can be a struggle, but with the right strategy and focus it can happen! Today we’re going to dive into SEO, Google My Business, social media, Pinterest and email marketing. These are the main ways my clients and I have seen success in increasing their website traffic. If you’re a numbers person, you’ll love seeing this website traffic overview from one of my client’s websites. We haven’t even implemented a Pinterest strategy yet!

Recently, Create & Collab. has added an SEO expert to the team! Grayson started as an intern and is now a paid partner that works on the SEO strategies for my web design clients. He’s a BRAIN. I’ve included him on this blog post to share a little bit about what SEO is and why it’s so important to have a strategy like this to drive traffic to your website.

What is SEO and Why Is It Important?

"SEO which stands for search engine optimization, is a practice that is often about making small modifications to parts of your website or as I like to say, “tricking Google into liking your website by playing by their unspoken/spoken rules”. Part of the set up process of SEO is presenting content in a way that will help search engines understand it. Making these small incremental improvements with time and with regular updates to your SEO will fundamentally send more traffic to your website, because Google will see you are playing by their rules. Now, what do I mean when I say “ playing by Google’s rules”? To put it simply, being specific about how you are presenting content on your website will not only provide a much better user experience, but also can drive your website higher up in the search results." -Grayson

Bonus: Google Ads

"One of the many tools Google makes available to anyone who is looking to drive more traffic to their website, Google Ads. Google Ads is a paid advertising service that allows anyone to run specific keyword ads on results of search engines, like Google Search and non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos for service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users. The nice thing about Google Ads is that it is very user-friendly. What you put into it is what you are going to get out of it. Let's say someone is on a tight advertising budget of only $50 a month for their website but they still want to run ads with Google. This is no problem at all and with the right keywords will still drive plenty of traffic to their website!! Now it may not get as much traffic as a Google ads campaign that uses a $500 a month budget but figuring out the best budget and keywords can allow for an incredible and affordable advertisement strategy!" -Grayson

Google My Business

"So while Google Ads is arguably one the best ways to get direct users to your website, it is by no means free. So are there any free tools Google provides for those of us on the free budget? It just so happens there is! It’s called Google My Business or GMB for short. Google My Business is a free-to-use tool that allows users to improve their business local and non-local SEO scores. Now while I say local and non-local SEO scores that's not entirely true some would argue. The reason being is that GMB uses information about your business such as your hours, website, street address, your business name, phone number, description of your business, and even photos/videos of your