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7 Ways to Use Your Website to Grow Your Business

Updated: Apr 3

Episode 7 - Small Business Podcast

Are you using your website or is your website using you? Have you struggled with making your message clear and concise? It’s time to put that website to work for you. Join Sue, (the coach) and Abigail (the web designer) to learn 7 ways to use your website to grow your business. *Episode produced by Keith Mohr

(1:10) Question from the Audience

Today's question is, How can I generate leads from social media? Whenever someone asks me this I always ask them, How much time do you have? There's a lot of ways to do this and we dive into some of my favorites on this episode!

(6:13) Hacks, Tips, Tricks, and Gadgets

For this episode we focus on social media tips, specifically 3 post ideas you can utilize today for your social media content!

(12:11) How to Make Your Business Better

Today's episode is all about how to use your website to grow your business! Sue decided it would be a great idea to make this more of a Q+A with both of us. Enjoy listening to our silly banter and big strategies that can make an impact in your business!

(36:35) Featured on Today's Episode

Kelly Taylor with Kelly Taylor Mortgage Group or reach her by phone at 931-628-8602

(37:17) Resource

Our resource today is a Free Printable Social Media Content Planning Workbook. I created this because a lot of people have questions about social media and may not have the budget yet to hire a social media manager.

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