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How a Coach and a Web Designer can Make Your Business Better

Updated: Apr 3

Episode 1 - Small Business Podcast

Have you found yourself DIY-ing only to find yourself DYI-ed (doing yourself in?). This is common, especially in business. There are times when an expert is needed. Join Sue, (the coach) and Abigail (the web designer) as they discuss how they've helped each other grow in their business. Together they found answers to questions they didn't even know they had.

Question from the Audience: "Does color really matter?"

They actually matter more than you think! We dive into why they matter, how they're perceived, and share a few places to learn about the color of the year!

Hacks, Tips, Tricks, and Gadgets

On this episode we share about a selfie light ring that Sue purchased to use on her phone, iPad, or computer. When taking pictures and videos for your business, the lighting really impacts the way the photo or video turns out. We hope this gadget helps you feel more confident as you're creating content for your business!

How to Make Your Business Better

I talk about how having Sue as my business coach has helped me in more ways than just business. From life coaching all the way to business planning, she's asked questions over the years that helped me think outside the box and fix problems I was facing in life and in business. Sue shared on this podcast about how I was able to bring her vision to life through her website. From the colors to the layout and flow of the website. Our partnership has helped us both grow in life and in business. If you're looking for a business coach, Sue will help you break through from the inside out! We also dive into the difference between coaching and consulting. If you've ever wondered the difference or wondered which you need, this episode will help you figure this out!

Featured on Today's Episode

Mom Blogger, Mary Beth Horton–Just a Farmhouse Chic


Today's resource is This website provides uncopyrighted photo to use for your social media posts, website, and marketing material. This website has so many photo options to use! No need to feel like you have to take all of your own photos. Sue and I use this website to find photos to use in so many different areas! Feel free to check out Sue's Unsplash Profile or Abigail's profile for more photo inspiration.

Small Business Podcast

Small Business Podcast


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