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Website Checklist - 8 Things You Need Before the Website Build Starts

Updated: Jan 23

When it comes to building a website, there’s a lot of content that you’ll need to gather before getting started. To avoid feeling too overwhelmed, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a website checklist to lay it all out for you. Whenever I connect with someone that wants me to design a website for them, there’s a few questions I start with. The answers to theses questions always vary, depending on the industry, but they really help to narrow down what content we will need to get started. Whether you’re hiring someone to build a website for you or you’re DIY-ing it yourself, these questions will help break it down so it’s not as overwhelming.

*Click any of the topics below to be taken directly to that section.

In this blog post I’ll be covering:

#1 Business Goals

How your business goals relate to the strategy behind your website.

#2 Call to Action

How to make it easier for people to take action.

#3 Logo/Branding

How to make your brand easier for viewers to remember.

#4 Determining the Number of Pages

How to determine how many pages you'll need.

#5 Payment Profile

What you'll need if you want to take credit/debit card payments via your website.

#6 Communication (Email Maketing)

How to improve communication with new visitors.

#7 About Me/Company Story

Tips for writing your about me section or company story.

#8 Photos

The importance in photography, plus where to find free uncopywritten pictures!