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3 Step Growth Plan for Instagram / Networking Online

Updated: Jan 28

So this strategy has helped me grow my following, but more importantly my business. Let me say though, prioritizing followers over paying clients is a great way to sabotage your dreams. So I need you to go into this not expecting anything to come from it. That may sound counter productive, but you don’t give someone a compliment so you get one back. You give someone a compliment because you genuinely mean it and you just want to be kind. That kind of mindset is what will make this strategy work.

Step 1: Identify your target market

Once a day, find 5 people to encourage. That’s literally it. It’s simple, but I promise it works. It does have to be someone you aren’t already following though. Here’s how to find them… first you need to think about your target market.

Step 2: Find people in that audience and interact with their content

My social media client this month is an author of a children’s book that is illustrated in American Sign Language. Her book is available on Amazon, so anyone can purchase it. I looked up the hashtag #learningsignlanguage and there were lots of posts of Mother’s sharing videos of their kids learning sign. Her book is geared for an audience of 3-7 years old. So I went on those videos and commented things like, “Such a good job!” or “Great job learning sign!!” and then liked 3-4 of their other photos. Then I moved on to another person. Her following is now growing and we’re getting more book sales because of it! Check out her insights over the last 7 days!

Let’s brainstorm another industry… let’s say you own a clothing boutique and you want more traffic in your store to sell more clothes. Since you’re going to need more local traffic, pick a location based hashtag. #columbiatn, #franklintn, #springhilltn these are 3 great location based hashtags for my area because I live in Spring Hill, TN. Franklin is directly north and Columbia is directly south. So if the boutique was in Spring Hill, I’d use all three. After searching through these hashtags, I’d look for people posting pictures in cute outfits and I'd find a way to compliment their outfit, style, or something else I genuinely like. As well as like 3-4 of their pictures.

Having a social media account for your business allows your business to directly interact with potential leads. Your goal is to be a resource and help your audience. By doing this, your business builds credibility and a following. If you can focus on how your brand solves problems for people and focus on sharing tips and tricks to solve those problems this will set you apart too! Combine being a resource with positive engagement and you’ve got an instant recipe for success!

Step 3: Keep up with people who engage back with you

Even if you start with finding 1 or 2 people a day to interact with, that’s still 30 - 60 people a month your brand is interacting with! 365-720 a year! I’ve gotten clients and made lifelong friends doing this. If someone I interact with comes back and likes a few pictures and follows me, I generally will follow them back! One girl I did this with last year came back and followed me so I followed her back. A couple weeks later she reached out because she needed a logo! I designed a logo for her and we meet for coffee and talk on the phone all the time now! I would have never met her without doing this!

I would love to hear how this goes for you, so please send me an update once you try it! Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to brainstorm the strategy behind finding your target market!

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