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How to DIY Your Product Photography

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

I get asked frequently for advice about DIY product photography. Having high quality images of your product or service will attract your ideal buyer or client. It’s very important to be intentional when taking your photos. If you have the budget for a professional photographer, I highly recommend going that route. If not, and you'd like to do it yourself, this blog post is for you! I’m going to break down some easy tips and tricks, to make your product photography simple, quick, and easy!

What you will need:

- A Camera or Phone

(no more than 5 years old)

- White Poster Board

- Maybe a Small prop

- Turn on the grid in your camera settings (see picture below)

- If Desired: Lightroom presets

Step 1: Set your poster board on a flat surface. The floor works great for flat lays!

(Flat Lay: Simply an image shot directly from above - a bird's eye view of any array of carefully arranged objects - and it's never been more popular, particularly in food and fashion photography.)

Step 2: Carefully arrange your product(s) on the poster board. For paintings, include a paint brush or paint set. For books include a blanket or bookmark. For skincare include a wash cloth or towel. You get the point.

Step 3: With your grid turned on, position your phone to take a flat lay of the objects. Make sure that none of the area outside the poster board is showing, as this would defeat the purpose of the background. ;) Utilize the grid to make sure your objects are centered or use the rule of thirds. (Rule of Thirds: Placing key elements in the top right or left, or bottom right or left, where the lines intersect). Below is an example of a plant placed in the upper right hand corner. I used the grid to make sure it was placed correctly. The grid is your friend!

Step 4: I like to use lightroom presets to edit my pictures. The picture below is exact same photo as above, just with a preset added to it.

Other Angle Examples:

Photo Sources: Unsplash

There you have it! There are many angles to take pictures, so feel free to try lots of different things. Don't get discouraged if your photos don't look perfect. Photographers take thousands of photos at photoshoots and generally only choose 20-30 to use when they're finished! Another place to find great inspiration is Unsplash, Pexels, and even searching "Flat Lay Photography" or "iPhone Photography" over on Instagram will bring lots of inspiration! As always, please reach out if you have any questions!



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