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Meet Local Artist - Beth Affolter

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Beth came to me wanting a website she could share her writing, her artwork, and a place to create a community for people who want to come to the table and co-create with God. We sat down together in her studio and brainstormed together about her logo, (that she created by the way!) and talked through her future website, the flow, and what all was important to include and how I would arrange all of it! She shared that she really wanted to bring people together and help guide them in their co-creating process with God. As a visual artist at heart, it's been an honor learning from her and working on this project for her! She had her first get together a couple weeks ago and it was an honor to get to be there and capture some photos for her!

"Have you ever woken up and thought, wow, How did I get here? “Here” is relative of course… it could be physically, mentally, or both - or as in my case a long journey intertwined with it all! I was destined to become an artist and at just 4 years old I was drawing a neighborhood mural scene above my bed during one supposed nap time. My parents supported me, but as an artist, I was a sensitive soul - a people pleaser and fixer. I wanted everyone to be happy and OK.. and usually what that really meant (now that I can look back) was that I wasn’t. As I was pulled into the world’s answers for “fixing and coping”, I took control and barged through each new door feeling like I needed to prove myself - over and over again - can we say classic overachiever? My entire self worth was connected to my performance… as an artist, wife, mom and even a Child of God. Wow, just writing this down it seems like I should have known better - but that’s just it - How do you evaluate where you are, when you’re in the middle of years of your own hot mess? Clarity and objective thinking - sure, sounds good! Well, Thank heavens for God, and how He is so gracious to prompt us without bulldozing us over. It takes time…but His timing is ALWAYS perfect. The best part of our relationship is I am His Child and He has all the answers, That’s it!!! My job is just to come to the table. So here I am Lord, at the table, ready to step out in Faith for this new season of life co-creating with you!" -Beth Affolter

Here's a sneak peek of her brand new website we launched recently! Click here to visit her new website and get on her list to be notified about upcoming classes in 2022!

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