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4 Steps to Audit Your Instagram Bio

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Whether you're just starting your Instagram or you've had it set up for a while, a quick audit of your bio is a great way to ensure your Instagram converts. Your bio should make it easy for new potential followers to understand what you have to offer, what you'll be sharing more of, and what your business or blog is all about. Don't forget to take a screenshot before and after you audit your Instagram, so you can see the transformation that these simple steps create.

Photo Source: Unsplash

Step 1: Setting your bio up for success:

Profile Picture

Your profile picture should be your logo or a picture of you. This will help to "brand" your company into the mind's of your audience. When you comment or interact on someones account, that little picture and what you say in a comment matters. When they see it, they should be thinking "aww, I want more of her in my life!"

Step 2: Description under your Profile picture:

This should always be written in one font. So it's easy to read. It also should be easy to understand what your mission is and what it is you have to offer.


*Services/what you do

*Something about you as the owner

*Include a call to action as the bottom line because your website will be listed

just underneath that 4th line.

Keep in mind anything that is past 4 lines of text will require them to click "more" to see the rest. Most people won't click "more", so make sure everything you want them to read is listed in those first 4 lines of text.

Step 3: Highlights

Your highlights are the "circle buttons" under your bio. These should showcase what you want them to see first! This is your time to shine, so showoff your story, services or products you offer, resources and behind the scenes. I like to add a lifestyle highlight to help my followers get to know me on a more personal level. The more connections you can make with your audience the more they'll remember you.

Step 4: Highlight covers or "icons"

Adding a cover to each of your highlights makes a big difference in the overall look of your bio. You can create icons in Canva or simply use a solid color. To edit the cover of your highlight, simply tap on the one you'd like to change, tap "more" in the bottom right, tap edit highlight, then tap edit cover and select the photo icon on the left and choose a photo from your camera roll.


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