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The Honest Truth About Freelancing

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I never actually planned to start freelancing. It all started where you’d least expect it. Network Marketing. Yep! I wouldn’t be where I am today without the community that I gained working in the industry for four years! After being a consultant for a year one of my leaders recognized my talent in creating graphics and just my genuine desire to help those around me. We ended up sitting at Starbucks talking through what it would look like for me to be her personal assistant. I was elated. She’d never had an assistant before and I’d never been one, but when we met over coffee to talk it through things just seemed to click.

Photo: Erica and I in West, Africa // September 2016

I worked for her for 3 years and met so many wonderful people. I watched her brand herself, grow a huge business, be an incredible hands on Mom to 5 kids, run a non profit that her and her husband started in West Africa, and pursue her dream in music. Every moment with her was pure inspiration. (She would role her eyes at this comment BUT I’m so serious!) As you can imagine I learned SO much working along side of her.

Photo: Erica and I at an event February 2018

The biggest thing I learned from her was how to bet on myself and trust God with the rest. In January of 2019 we had a conversation that would change the trajectory for the rest of the year. I broke down and shared my heart with her about wanting to just be able to create for a living, but I had no idea what that would look like. She encouraged me to keep working my business, but to take 6 months and spend more time creating and seeking God about what my next step was.

My Home Office Space (White is my favorite color can you tell!?)

So for the first 6 months of 2019 I just hid out in my cozy little apartment painting, watching Friends, and just following creative inspirations. One morning I received a text from my mom. She had sent me a screenshot of another network marketer that had posted that she needed graphics made that matched her current branding. My mom encouraged me to create a few and send them to her. I honestly didn’t even think she’d receive my message… but since my mom is ALWAYS right I decided to just go for it. I spent an hour or so, created 3 graphics that matched her current branding, and sent them to her over Facebook messenger.

Photo by @jaydaiye Erica's daughter and now one of my best friends!

Erica and I ended up having a long talk the following week. She needed me more than usual and I was really feeling pulled to the creative work. This was it. I had to make a decision. I felt called to the creative work more than anything else and I felt God’s hand in it with every project I picked up. Ultimately I decided to wrap up my time with her and pursue the creative work full time.

I’ll be honest though… in that moment on the phone with her I had absolutely no plan of what it would look like after we were done working together, but I felt confident to take the leap. (Confident might be a bit misleading… I was shaking like a leaf after that phone call haha) Not even 2 hours after that phone call I got a message back from the girl I’d sent the graphics to and it read, “You’re our girl!” I was honestly so surprised! She was my first official client and I was so excited! This all happened at the end of May of 2019.

So on June 1st, 2019 I posted a logo and website I’d been working on for a friend as an example of my work… and announced that I would be freelancing full time! That post gained so much traction I was booked for 3 months! I cried that entire week. I never imaged I would be self employed this soon. I had a big dream and no plan, but this whole process has taught me that God ALWAYS has a plan. Last month I celebrated 6 months in business for myself and I couldn’t be more excited about what God’s going to be doing next. If you or someone you know needs someone to help with a logo and branding, a website, or social media - or just something they're dreaming up and are not sure where to start... I'd love to connect with them!

Talk soon!

xoxo, Abs

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