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The Spaces In Between

Updated: Mar 2

I feel like I can get to a place where some never even know is there.

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There was a song on while I drove into the city to meet a friend..... surprisingly my AC started working.... it hasn’t been working, but will start getting cold after I drive for a while.... anyways I drove into the city with a song playing called “Smoke Signals” by Phoebe Bridges. It’s a slow song and the girl's voice is so peaceful yet it creates this sadness in the air..... sometimes I feel like I’m the only person that appreciates sad music.... it’s all I listen to..... it makes me feel closer to myself.....

Driving into the city with my windows up.... cars and people walking everywhere.... the red flashing lights from the mail truck.... trees swaying in the busyness..... the people are walking so fast.... they’re so focused.... on getting from A to B and they don’t even know what they’re missing.....

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I’m driving through the city in this little bubble, surrounded by this beautiful music..... pausing for a moment to linger in the quiet.....I love being on the way to somewhere and just pausing and stopping somewhere and watching all the people buzzing by.... just rushing through life like they’ve gotta get to the next thing as quickly as possible....

Just enjoy this moment..... enjoy clasping your daughters hand and showing her across the street.... take an extra moment to explain why we look both ways..... and while you do that make sure to point out the beautiful trees blowing in the wind..... then walk.... and hold that little hand so tight..... and watch her big eyes taking in all the scenery.... the people.... the clothes.... the shop windows.... the little ants working in a team crossing the cracks in the old pavement.....

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It’s okay to lean back and just watch everyone running around..... sink into that space.... be fully aware.... fully present of that moment..... and look for others that are there.....

Most people will just be moving on to the next thing..... but some will just give you that look, like they understand stepping back..... like they understand this little peaceful space you’ve created.... right in the middle of the chaos.

Photo Source: Unsplash

I feel like a fish in a fish bowl.... but not that everyone is looking at me... it’s like someone put me in the fish bowl and then set me in the middle of New York City and I’m just floating watching everyone around me.... to comfortable to move.... and too peaceful to want to be anywhere else.

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