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The Most In-Demand Jobs During Covid-19

Updated: Apr 6

Jobs stimulate economies, whether they are publicly or privately owned. This continues to happen even in times of economic crisis. Since Covid-19 started, many major economies have been affected. Several privately and publicly owned businesses have closed but the most hardship has been felt by the millions of employees who were laid off. Some governments have provided financial assistance to their residents but nothing compares to earning money on your own. While things have gone sideways for many industries, a few firms have thrived because there is a high demand for their products and services. Below is a list of some of the most in-demand jobs:

1. Data Science

Data science involves a range of disciplines that have to do with the analysis and interpretation of data on computer systems. It requires a thorough understanding of algorithms, business, machine learning, and mathematics among others. While data science has been a high-demand field in the digital era, there was significant growth in the demand for data scientists in 2020. These data scientists have been working with medical professionals to find insights and patterns in the fight against the coronavirus. As a data scientist, you can specialize in any one of the key branches. Right now, the highest demand is for data analysts, data engineers, machine learning engineers, and data science generalists.

2. Web Development

Web development is another hot job field that you can penetrate if you're no longer satisfied with your career path and you want something more sustainable. You can join a bootcamp for web developers and start taking classes. Web development involves the creation of applications for the Internet or private networks (intranet). The demand for web developers during the Covid-19 pandemic was especially high because of the migration to remote work and e-learning. They don't just build websites for people; they also develop functional platforms that make working from home as easy and realistic as possible. Web developers are among the highest-paid tech professionals in the United States.

3. Mobile App Development

Some web developers are also mobile app developers because both fields aren't so different. While web developers create web applications, mobile app developers make mobile versions of these applications. For example, a web developer created Grammarly, the language software that writers use to edit their work. This application can only be accessed through your computer browser and not through your phone. A mobile app developer created the Grammarly mobile app which can be found on mobile app stores like the Google and iOS app stores. Some stand-alone apps can be created solely for mobile devices. Just like web development, you can learn how to become a mobile app developer on

4. E-commerce

E-commerce sites are developed by web and mobile app developers but those aren't the only people who have benefited from this thriving sector in the Covid-19 era. As more people stayed at home and relied on online stores to get their daily needs, e-commerce sites recruited more workers to fill various positions. Throughout the Covid era, there has been a surge in the demand for e-commerce business analysts, e-commerce customer service representatives, e-commerce delivery drivers, and e-commerce project managers. Even e-commerce SEO marketers, virtual assistants, and order clerks have been working extra hard.

5. Nursing

You don't need anyone to tell you that nursing jobs are in the highest demand they've been in the last two decades. These healthcare professionals are at the frontlines in the war against corona and many of them have lost their lives in the process. Registered nurses aren't the only ones in high demand right now. There is also a high demand for nursing practitioners, travel nurses, licensed practical nurses, and med-surgical nurses. Companies are also looking for nursing assistants and nursing managers.

Final Words

The five job fields mentioned above are among the most resilient during the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies have been hiring professionals in these fields non-stop and they are still looking for experts. While you may need a degree to become a nurse, you can venture into any tech field without a college certificate. The tech world is more concerned with what you can do than what a piece of paper states.

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