People Are Just Like Trees

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Staring at the trees and looking at each of the leaves makes me appreciate them so much. If I imagine painting each leaf... imagining the time it would take to paint each and every one... knowing I've gotta remember the light source and making sure the entire tree has the right shading. Everything that goes into just painting a wooded area makes me reflect on God and how much I know He wants us to appreciate everything He’s created in the depth that he's created it.

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Sometimes I point out a beautiful tree to a friend and they look at it for a second and just keep going on with whatever they we're doing and I wonder if they're just too caught up to really understand the depth of why I think it's pretty.... I keep my mouth shut and look out at the trees wishing I could hide in the woods and paint them and not even talk to people for days. It sounds dramatic.... but I've found myself desiring alone time with God.... just out in nature in my zone. This is my happy place. This is where he speaks to me. When I think about the detail in everything in our world I instantly think about relating it to people.... here's how....

We as people have so much depth and I think most of the time we're not even aware of it. I was chatting about love languages with a couple friends and it was so cool learning what their love languages are and what their personality types are. We talked about how to make relationships last and how to know the signs when they should have ended forever ago.

We as have such depth and I think sometimes we overlook that because we’re so focused on looking at the surface…. "Wow they look like they have their whole life together already." "How are they already married?" "How do they already have a house and a family and a degree?" We compare ourselves to this surface version of them when we don't even know the whole story.

Maybe we've watched them through the lens of social media for a while, thinking we've figure them out... Guys social media is just a highlight real. This is an entirely different topic that I'll dive into another day... but are you starting to see what I'm talking about?

That perfect, tall, and full tree may be infested with termites and look perfect on the outside, but is being eaten away at the inside....

That perfect, tall, and full tree you think might be strong and beautiful may actually be infested with termites on the inside.... that girl you think has it all together may be in the midst of the worst drama or abuse and you have no idea because you're judging her ability to look like she has it all together.

Think of the plant that looks like all hope is lost and it's already dead. What you can't see is the little bit of moisture still inside it's roots.... progress is progress no matter how slow.

Don't give up on your journey because it looks bleak or it looks difficult.... life has it's seasons... it's all about having the tools to handle the winters.... because they're going to come regardless.

Photo Source: Unsplash

I saw a quote a friend of mine posted and it said, “All of us are just a hot mess, some of us are just better at hiding it than others.” I love this….. we need to love everyone where they’re at. We need to learn what’s actually going on in their life. Ask people their life story. Allow others the opportunity to open and share into the depth of who they truly are and what they're going through. We only see how people want to be viewed…. whether it’s by their hair style, outfit, or social media profiles….. but there is so much more depth to a person than what’s on the outside.

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So let the tree’s remind you…. as they blow in the wind ever so effortless…. like they have all the time in the world…. let them remind you that you have the opportunity to take an extra moment and truly find out how the other people around you are doing….. whether it’s to find a way to help them with something, encourage them, or just give them a space to share what’s going on. We’re all in this together and none of really have it all together, it would be really freaking cool if we all acted like it.

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