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Two of a Kind Podcast

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Have you ever found yourself in a 'I'm kinda lost' space while sorting through barriers in both life and business? Have you been frustrated with your website and your online social plan?

I've been there!

So, I hired a coach, Sue, that brought clarity to my business and life.

Sue hired a web designer, me, to laser focus on her online presence.

Then it hit us! What if we started a podcast combining both of the skills in our field in a space for entrepreneurs and creatives to learn from? Brilliant, right?

That's how 'Two of a Kind' was born. A collaboration between a Coach and a Web Designer.

Our first episode on Two of a Kind will drop Tues. February 22nd.

Join us each week for tips, tricks, insight, resources, and more!

Master Certified Life & Business Coach, Sue Mohr, and Creative Web Designer, Abigail Ann are business savvy women living just outside of Nashville, TN. Their approach is entertaining, honest, question-driven, and life giving. Two different personalities that bring twice the fun. You'll discover answers to questions you never knew you had, leading you to a new kind of success. New episodes will drop every Tuesday, setting you up to win in both life and business!