• Abigail Ann

Some Friends Are Only in Our Life for a Season

Updated: Sep 29

While coasting down the highway on a road trip, it’s normal to see the same cars for a couple hours. If they’re heading the same direction for a while, it’s inevitable. Sometimes, they disappear for a while and then at some point they reappear and we think, “Where the heck were they?” Nevertheless, we keep driving.

While on a road trip with my mom, we saw this gorgeous new corvette on the highway. We didn't see it for a few hours, then I heard my mom say, “There’s that corvette again.” I instantly thought, friends are just like that corvette. I just wish I knew when they would disappear or if they'll be the ones to stick around for a while.

Photo from Unsplash

Whether an argument screws it up, death comes in when we least expect it, or we drift apart, we never know how long our friendships or relationships will last. Rascal Flatts was right when they said 'life is a highway'. Understanding that people may only be in our lives for a season, allows us to appreciate them even more.

This gives us the opportunity to be more intentional with how we spend our time with them and ultimately remember what we say and do impacts how they see the world.

I’m constantly experiencing moments like this. I really believe God is revealing things to me that I wouldn’t have seen without Him. I've always been a deep thinker, but lately, I feel like God has been showing me so much more than usual.

Almost every day in the last few weeks I've learned something new. I feel like He's teaching me how to live a better life, how to see the world differently, and see people through a different lens. It's pretty incredible when I think about it. God created the entire world, the entire universe, yet He still has time for each of us. The more time we spend with Him, the more we learn.

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