Nevertheless, We Keep Driving

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Coasting down the highway during a road trip... it’s normal to see the same cars for a couple hours. If they’re heading the same direction for a while it’s inevitable. Sometimes they disappear for a while and then at some point they reappear and we end up thinking, “Where the heck we’re they?” Nevertheless, we keep driving.

My mom and I took a road trip recently, I'm actually working on this in the car on my laptop on the way home! Anyways, we saw this gorgeous new corvette earlier on the trip. Then a few hours later she goes, “There’s that corvette again.” And I instantly thought, friends are just like that corvette. I just wish I knew when they were going to disappear or if they were the ones that would stick around.

Photo Source: Unsplash

Whether an argument screws it up, death comes in when we least expect it, or we just drift apart, we never know how long our friendships or relationships will last. Rascal Flatts was right when they said Life is a Highway. I think recognizing that sometimes we only have people for a certain season in our lives allows us to appreciate them even more.

This gives us the opportunity to be more intentional with how we spend our time with them and ultimately remember what we say and do impacts how they see the world.

Just some thoughts on the way home. I’m constantly having moments like this.... I really believe God is revealing things to me that I wouldn’t have seen without Him. I’m a deep thinker naturally, but I love those split seconds I pick up on stuff like this.

It’s like every day he’s teaching me how to live a better life.... and it honestly makes me so emotional to think that the dude that created everything would take the time to impart little nuggets of knowledge into me through my everyday life.

God is so good y’all! Yes, I said y’all ;)

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