• Abigail Ann

Casting the Vision for a Room Redesign

Updated: Sep 28

Recently, I discovered I absolutely love mid century modern style, boho style, and everything Scandinavian. I'm not the type of person to know the correct names for different interior design styles, but after creating a Pinterest board I figured it out. Scrolling through Pinterest is definitely a little bit of a stress reliever because I only save things that inspire me or give me that "oh wow!" reaction. I use to sit in bed scrolling through Pinterest, saving picture after picture of bedrooms that looked peaceful and inviting.

Then it dawned on me... all of the pictures I saved had a similar theme. They were all mid century modern style or boho style with inspiring quotes on the walls, candles, and plants. I decided to look through all the pictures that I saved and figure out how I could create a beautiful space of my own.

When I first started using Pinterest, I really didn't understand what I was doing. I just saved photos that I liked, but because I saved pictures to specific boards this allowed me to see a common thread in my style. Not to mention, if you find a photo you like, you can scroll down and it will show you "related posts". This was especially helpful, since I didn't know what to search for to find what I liked most.

If you want to follow along to create your own beautiful space, choose a room to start with. Create a Pinterest board and name it after whichever room you'd like to redesign: bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. Then just start pinning pictures to that board, that make you think "I want that room!" This is a great place to start. As you save pins you love, you'll start to notice a theme.

Or skip to my next blog post: The Transformation: Creating a Peaceful Bedroom You Never Want to Leave to see some scary before and afters. If you're nervous or unsure of where to start, I promise my bedroom before photos will make you feel less alone.

Progress is a process.

Progress is a process.

Progress is a process.

Never forget this.

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