Image by Marvin Meyer

How To Find Your Vision When Redoing Your Room

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Recently I discovered I absolutely love mid century modern style and everything Scandinavian! You’re probably wondering…. ‘How in the world did this happen’??

Well of course, like every other girl in their 20s with an Instagram account - I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I won’t lie to you… sometimes I would sit there pinning pictures of bedrooms and just look at mine and laugh. Like, ‘There’s no way THIS…. is every going to look like THAT.’

But then I created a board called “S A N C T U A R Y” and everything I wanted my room to look like I put in that board. I realized the main things that I put in that board were all mid century modern and Scandinavian style! Plus when you scroll up on a photo on Pinterest… it pulls up more similar photos/styles!

This was super helpful when I didn’t really understand what style I liked because I would find one photo that I really connected with, even though I had no idea what to search to get that type of style to pull up…. and then I would just scroll down and more would populate! I really didn’t even know the basics on Pinterest so this helped A LOT!

After pinning a lot of the same style I actually recognized what style it was that I liked when I was out and about…. this allowed me to start to getting a visual idea of what my dream room could look like! And this is what sparked everything……

I’m sure you’re wondering… but how did you get started? How did you go from chaos to your dream room?? More stories to come next week ;)

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