How To Create Closet Space When You Don't Have One

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

I will start by saying when we moved into our new house and I offered to take the bonus room upstairs…. I didn’t think about the fact that I wouldn’t have a closet. I just thought to myself, “I’ll be moving out soon. How bad can it be?” And I learned quick that having no closet space would be harder than I thought…. until I did something about it. First, I used a metal rack that I thought would hold most of the day to day items and put everything else in a dresser. Needless to say there were clothes all over my floor 98% of the time… and the most stressful part of my day was trying to find an outfit I actually felt confident and comfortable in.

Once I realized this wasn’t going to work I knew I had to do something. So I invited a friend over to help me create outfits that I actually felt good in, out of the clothing I already had. We took pictures of each outfit and I kept them in a folder on my computer. That relieved some of the stress of picking out an outfit, but finding each item and having them all clean at once was a whole other issue. So as I sold the furniture to redo my room I knew I would have to clean out my clothes. So I sold the big ugly metal wrack that I had and purchased a small white wrack from Walmart just to hold the outfits for that week for the time being. It was only $10 and didn’t take up much space. Then I purchased 3 little baskets they were about $3 each, one for clean clothes, one for dirty clothes, and one for towels…. I know why couldn’t I just take them down and throw them in the wash? Simple right. Well sometimes you’re in a hurry and just setting up a system you can still utilize when you’re in a hurry is a great idea!

So that’s how I survived without a closet…. now to creating closet space within my room as I redid it. This was actually the fun part! I purchased a chest of drawers off Wayfair that had 5 drawers and only cost about $150. I was able to use the money from the sale of my old furniture to purchase this, so I didn’t have to spend out of pocket money! I planned to get rid of enough clothing so that I could fit the following in each drawer… first drawer would have underwear, bras, and socks. The second drawer would have PJs and work out clothes. The third drawer would have tshirts and tank tops. And the last drawer would have purses and accessories. Which worked super well! At the time it was still warm so I put all of my winter clothes in a storage bin I purchased at Walmart for about $10.

Once the chest of drawers arrived we had to assemble the entire thing!! Thank goodness for my wonderful mother who basically did the entire assembly. I am not someone who is good at puzzles, putting things together, or anything of that nature so I was super thankful for her help! Once we finished putting the chest of drawers together I positioned it next to my bed…. and placed the wrack of outfits to the left of it and the box of next seasons clothes in between. Side note: I purchased a second storage bin for my workout stuff and placed that on top of the first bin so it wasn’t just sitting about my room. This little corner created my closet space!

I can now say that I have gotten rid of A TON more clothing and realized it’s actually less stressful with less stuff. Instead of having so much clothes and procrastinating doing laundry and ending up with 2 or 3 laundry baskets full of dirty laundry I do all my laundry on one or two days during the week since I have a lot less. It’s less stressful and doesn’t allow me to procrastinate anymore!! If your closet situation stresses you out, I would highly recommend getting rid of anything you haven’t worn in 90 days (if it’s the current season of course). Chances are you aren’t ever going to wear it again!

If you’re still feeling a little hesitant… I’ll leave you with this quote that I’ve found to be VERY true!

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