• Abigail Ann

How God Gave Me My Summer Wardrobe

Updated: Sep 29

Lately, I've been blogging about budgeting and learning to track money in a wise way. I read a scripture, that truly inspired me to be a better steward of what God's blessed me with. This verse truly inspired me to start being smart with my money. Since I committed to that, things have started to shift.

Last winter, I converted my seasonal wardrobe to a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe consists of 5 shirts, 5 pairs of pants, 5 pairs of shoes, 5 accessories, and 5 other items. The whole point is to keep what you truly love, and rid yourself of the excess. Once Spring rolled around, I found myself with clothes that barely fit and almost nothing that I actually wanted to wear. I thought to myself, "I'm budgeting every penny, and I really don't want to go shopping and blow my savings on a bunch of clothes."

"Why am I here?" I have a shirt. I don't need another shirt." This pretty much sums up my mentality. I knew I needed summer clothes though. I tried to wear the few things I had and not worry about it. Then a friend of mine came in from out of town. She mentioned her Mom wanted her to go through her clothes so I offered to help. I love to organize, so I though, why not? She said while I was there that I could have anything that she was getting rid of. WHAAAT??? FO REALZ THOUGH? Needless to say, I found my new favorite pair of shorts!

Then, another friend of mine sent me pictures of her going through her clothes and asked if I wanted to look through them before she gave them away. At this point, I was elated! Then a third friend contacted me and said, "Hey can you do me a favor?" so I said, "Yeah what's up?" She then proceeded to tell me that she was getting rid of clothes and since we were close to the same size she thought she'd ask if I wanted to go through them.

These three people had no idea that I was in need of summer clothes. I was in awe that all three reached out within weeks of one another. I know the Bible talks about how God provides, but I really didn't expect it to happen like this.

If you think that's amazing, I've got one more thing that's going to blow your mind. Learning to trust God and be selfless has been another lesson I've been learning. This is what happens when you decide to listen to Joyce Meyer. LOL.

A friend of mine asked if I could watch her dog at the end of last month. Part of me thought, "I'm way too busy for that, but maybe I could try and help." So I did, and received an unexpected raise from my boss this month. I had an unexpected bill come up that I had to pay this month. The amount I received from my friend for watching the dog and the increase in my check this month covered that unexpected bill almost to the penny.

There have been so many other little things God's done lately. I haven't even been able to keep track of them all. The biggest thing I've learned lately is that we can try and plan everything out, budget to the penny, check all the boxes, cross everything off the list and there's still going to be things that come up that we haven't prepared for. Regardless, God is on our side and there's nothing we can't handle.

This has honestly brought me so much peace. Not only has this taught me that God provides, but it's also taught me that I don't have to try and be perfect and plan everything out. Regardless of how hard I try, God ultimately has the upper hand and it's okay to rest and trust that He's working it all out in our favor!!!

I would love to hear all about your testimonies or ways God's been working in your life lately. If this touched you make sure to share it with a friend.

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