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Four Jobs for Career Changers Who Don't Want to Start Over

Updated: Mar 18

Switching careers can be overwhelming and challenging, especially if you have to start over in a new industry like tech. But you don’t necessarily have to build a career from scratch if there are equivalent tech jobs to your current job. Why switching to a tech career that is totally foreign for you if there are similar professions you can try?

It doesn’t matter what career background you have; whether you were a nurse, a teacher, or a sales manager, you will always have skills that are valuable in the tech industry. If you want to switch to a tech career without starting over, take a look at these equivalent jobs. 

1. Finance → Data Analyst

Finance professionals are usually pretty good with numbers and analysis. Therefore, data science is a good alternative for them in the tech industry. The job of a data analyst consists of collecting data and filtering information to detect patterns and trends inside the dataset. This way, data scientists can easily analyze the results and come up with valuable insights to make better business decisions.  

As a financial advisor, this is something you are probably familiar with—analyzing situations through numbers and data. Besides, you can also complement your career as a financial advisor with your data science skills. This way, employers will see you as a more valuable employee. 

2. Small Business Owner → Product Manager

Owning a small business requires a lot of planning skills, meaning that you need to think strategically for almost every step you make. Besides, SMB owners are also very organized and logical. Therefore, they have all the skills they need to become a product manager. 

Product management is a very lucrative profession that has an average salary of over $108,000, according to Glassdoor. If you want to switch to a tech career because of the salaries, this is a good start. 

SMB owners have a vision of success, and they deal with customers queries all the time, which makes them experienced in terms of customer experience. SMB owners try to analyze the market landscape and come up with innovative solutions for their services. It’s beneficial for them to have this background because companies will see they have experience in strategic planning and organization.

3. Editorial Assistant/Copywriter/Journalist → Content Marketer or Digital Marketer

Journalists, copywriters, and editorial assistants usually have a lot of experience with content creation, whether it is video editing or writing. If you have done this type of work, it is very likely that you have digital marketing skills.

Digital marketers work in the Internet arena. Digital marketers create SEO strategies, analyze data, and implement new techniques on social media to attract clients. You must have an eye for content creation and you must understand the client.

4. Engineer → Developer

The equivalent of engineering in the tech industry is development, whether it is software engineering, web development, or mobile development. Engineers are problem-solvers; so are software engineers, for example. Engineers work with logical thinking that allows them to find new solutions easily.

There are three types of developers: front end, back end, and full stack developers. Front end developers work with the most visual aspect of the website or app, while back end developers handle the behind-the-scenes of the digital product. Full stack developers code on both sides. 

There’s another similar career called solutions architect, which handles everything related to the creation of the digital product, from budgeting to finding the best solutions.

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