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The biggest problem I hear from my clients is the countless hours they've spent trying to build their website.

Most business owners struggle telling their story and showcase their services in a compelling way. Over the years how we interact with websites has changed a lot. Today we are so used to scrolling from top to bottom and not clicking anything, unless it sparks our interest. What does this mean for your website?

This means if your viewers can't understand who you are and what you do from a top to bottom scroll through your website, you're absolutely missing out on new potential leads and sales.

On our strategy call, we'll talk through your story and how to represent your services in a compelling way. After our call, I'll sketch out the website on paper to plan the layout and design. From there we'll discuss the written content, pages needed, and forms viewers can fill out! Every site I build is mobile friendly and completely custom. Click here to receive a price quote directly to your inbox! 

Here are a few of the websites in my portfolio!



branding and web design for female entrepreneurs 

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